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Stop managing rebates ineffectively

Spreadsheets, ERPs and Basic Rebate Management Systems - Why you need to stop using them to control your rebates now

There are hundreds of reasons why spreadsheets are brilliant, but that is also the problem... This white paper covers the issues you will experience using ineffective rebate management solutions. Download and let this guide help you to move forward with a more fit-for-purpose alternative.

BUILD OR BUY white paper

Rebate Management Software: Build or Buy?

The build or buy conundrum is one CIOs and CFOs continue to battle with. It's easy to see why; you have a well-equipped team in-house who know the business, so why would you consider outsourcing? Without researching the reasons for both approaches, you could end up in a tricky situation, so download our white paper now for a rounded view on how to move forward with your decision.


Tips for Procurement Managers Negotiating Rebates

Negotiating rebates with suppliers is one of the procurement manager's key roles. Rebates represent real cost savings on goods purchased, while the agreements themselves help you form lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with the organisations you do business with. Download our mini guide now.

e-bate - what-is-a-rebate

What is a Rebate?

Do you have questions such as "What is a rebate and how do they differ from regular trade discounts?" In this mini guide we break down the key differences between rebates and discounts and give you some practical examples.

Why CFOS And Auditors Need Rebate Management For Visibility

Why CFOs and Auditors Need Rebate Management For Visibility

CFOs and Auditors know well that a detailed and transparent audit trail that traces every single transaction back to the source at a granular level, is absolutely paramount. This eBook will help you see the value of rebate management software for complete audit transparency.

What to Ask to Ensure You Buy the Best Rebate Management Software

What to ask to ensure you buy the best rebate management software

Rebate management software can help you get the most out of your incentive programmes and stop your B2B rebate programme failing. Here’s what to ask when evaluating your options to ensure you’re buying the best rebate management software for your business.

Mini Guide - 5 Keys to Improving Your Procurement Strategy

5 Keys to Improve Your Procurement Strategy

At its heart, a successful procurement strategy is one that ensures cost-effective purchasing decisions are made from a group of reliable vendors who deliver quality goods on time and at mutually agreeable terms.

Mini Guide on How to Avoid Your B2B Rebate Programme Failing

How to Avoid Your B2B Rebate Programme Failing

B2B rebate programmes are a key part of rebate pricing strategies. Our mini-guide gives you straightforward, real-world advice for success when offering B2B customer rebates. Includes expert tips from our technical team and takes a look at what it is that drives buying-decisions in the B2B world.


10 Tips For Your Rebate Pricing Strategy

We know that B2B rebate programmes are an important part of trading to drive customer loyalty. This mini-guide not only provides top tips to unravel the complexities of rebates, but gives you real-life expert advice you can immediately apply to your own business.

Best Practices for Generating Revenue and Improving Margins

Best Practices for Generating Revenue and Improving Margins

Take a closer look at supplier rebates and unearth the rebate management best practices for generating maximum rebate revenue and improving your margins.

Your Complete Guide to Achieving Rebate Management Excellence

Your Complete Guide to Achieving Rebate Management Excellence

We believe that taking control of the rebate management process is possible for everyone. And that's why we have put together this comprehensive guide to help you achieve all the benefits of having full control of your rebate management.

e-bate - The benefits of rebate management excellence

The Benefits of Rebate Management Excellence

You don’t need us to tell you that processing rebates that are inaccurate can lead to devastatingly costly mistakes, but did you know that just a 1% inaccuracy rate on £50M of rebates could lead to losses of up to £500,000? Download this guide to learn more about the benefits of getting rebate management right.

e-bate 5 things to consider when selecting the right rebate management system

5 Things to Consider When Selecting the Right Rebate Management System for your Business

You know you need a solution to automate your rebate process, but where to start?! This guide will help you to consider things you may not have thought about when selecting the right solution for you.

Quick wins and challenges - Where are you on the road to rebate excellence?

Quick wins and challenges - Where are you on the road to rebate excellence?

In order to improve, you need to know where you are to identify the areas for focus. Where are the quick wins and where do your challenges lie? And what can you do right now to help you move forward? Read our e-book to find out what your next steps should be.

How automated rebate management helps you and your teams collaborate

How automated rebate management helps you and your teams collaborate

Integrating an automated rebate management process into your business enables free flowing information between departments, which makes for a happy team empowered by a transparent way of working. Read our guide to make sure you dodge the pitfalls and reap the benefits of transparency.