In this eBook, we’ll be taking a closer look at supplier rebates and will unearth the rebate management best practices for generating maximum rebate revenue and improving your margins.

At e-bate, we believe that suppliers typically offer rebates to drive the sale of certain products, add value to their customers and cement long-term relationships that reinforce loyalty. In today’s competitive marketplace, taking advantage of supplier rebates can help you reduce costs and ensure profitability.

However, managing supplier rebates is a notoriously
complex affair and can prove to be a real administrative headache.

This guide is designed to help you understand:

  • Supplier rebate options
  • How to improve revenues and maximise margins
  • The next steps to take to achieve rebate management success

Regain control of your Rebate Management programme today

"The e-bate team has been attentive and professional from day one. They immersed themselves in the business to understand our needs and the finished solution gave us exactly what we wanted."

Sally Snelson
Pricing Specialist