Many software implementation projects fail because the focus is solely on the technology.

At e-bate we do things differently - we start by focusing on your people and your existing process.

Why do we do this?

So that we can establish how our technology can be best configured to deliver real value and improve your business process - driving efficiencies, improved margins and visibility of financial results.

The first step to digitising your rebate management is to calculate the cost of potential errors and revenue opportunities that are being missed. Our product team has created an algorithm that can accurately make this calculation.

We hear you when you tell us that implementing a new system is a headache. However, from experience we know that the missed opportunity cost of automating your rebate management system is worth the short term disruption.

Simply get in touch for a confidential and free Discovery Call with one our consultants and we will calculate the ROI based on removing human error and increasing opportunities.

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